Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What did Santa bring you?

What a cover. What an outfit!! This is one of those Film Fun covers that makes you wonder how Enoch got away with. He mastered the art of pushing the envelope to the limit without seeming too obvious about it, at least with his Film Fun covers. When it comes to the so-called "smooshes" such as Stolen Sweets and Cupid's Capers, then the censors' shackles are thrown off. Ironically it was Film Fun that ended up folding because it attracted the attention of the Postmaster General, who pulled its mailing privileges because of "salacious" content. Certainly, he could not have been referring to the covers.


darwination said...

Wow, what a fantastic cover, naughty but graceful, I love it! Thank you for sharing all these great beauties.

Unknown said...

this is splendid.

Jack R said...

Really one of Bolles, best. She's got all of Bolles' best qualities, and done in his more relaxed 1020s style.