Wednesday, November 1, 2023

*\November 1st is International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day

 Wouldn't you know it, our man Enoch came through with an image appropriate for today's celebration. This comes from a 1930 issue of Pep Stories. Bolles began his run of covers in mid-1929 and continued until early 1932. R.A. Burley then took on the cover duties for the next year and then passed the baton off to the other "B" artist, the gifited and prolific Earle Bergey. His run continued without a pause until the magaznie folded at the end of 1938, along with the rest of the spicy titles that he and Enoch were working for. The only survivor for Bolles was Film Fun but Bergey kept busy working on a wide variety of genres including romance, sports, and most notably, Science Fiction, a genre I could never Enoch delving into.