Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Bolles sightings continue!


Round two of recent Bolles sightings. This one during a recent visit to Providence, Rhode Island. While there I perused the aisles of a terrific local bookstor and was drawn to this cool book (The Art of the Movie Poster), chock full of great gaudy art. While paging through it my Bolles spidey sense suddenly began tinging. Take a close look at the enlargement below and see what tickled my sixth sense.

The movie Sinful Souls began its brief run on the silver screen in 1939, a full three years after the issue of Gay Book that inspired the poster art was published. There have been other B movie posters that swiped other Bolles girls, but nome using art from the relatively classy Gay Book.  Bolles himself  had a brief stint in the movie industry beginning in the late 20's during which he produced movie posters and publicity art for several Fox Film projects. For reasons unknown, his stint sadly lasted only a couple years. So sadly, it's very likely there are more movie examples of movie posters with art swiped from Bolles than produced by his own hand.