Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22: National Handkerchief Day

No, it's not. For once I'm kidding about it being a special holiday.  But there is a small thread of connection between this image and the previous one I posted so I figured why not. She's the only reason I could imagine celebrating the handkerchief. I can't image many people under the age of 30 (40?) even know what a hankerchief is, much less ever used one.  Sorry about the image quality. I don't have a copy of this issue, but do have a photo of the actual painting, which alas will have to await the book.  And on that topic, my agent just told me a couple of publishers are interested so perhaps it won't be that long before you can see our knotty girl in the original.  

Last, I noticed that this blog just reached a sort of milestone, 250 followers!  In gratitude for all your support and interest, I'll be sharing some extra special Bolles work in the next few weeks.