Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Today, I mean Yesterday was Wear Something Gaudy Day!

I meant to get this uploaded before midnight and obviously didn't.  Part of the reason is that for all the stylish, provocative, fabric challenged finery that Bolles adorned his girls with, I could find very few outfits that were outright gaudy.  But I think this one, in a minimalistic sense, certainly qualifies.  Bolles only completed five covers for Gay Broadway and this was most ambitious. The cheery title was a winking signal to those in the know that the magazine was an under the counter pulp, complete with nudie photo inserts.  

But despite constant pressure by the authorities it managed to hang on until 1938, a year which was the death knell for nearly every every spicy pulp title ever published. I have no idea why Bolles left the magazine, but 1934, when this issue appeared, was a tumultuous period for spicy pulp publishers. Bolles had to switch back and forth across titles as their publishers completed their sentences, jail sentences that is, for printing smutty stories. Lucky for us they knew the cover sold the magazine.