Wednesday, September 27, 2023

September 27 is Scarf Day!

 Back to posting after a bit of a layoff. Today we celebrate Scarf Day with a sassy cover by our man Bolles. This issue of Gay Parisienne debuted at the turn of 1935, just a few months after Enoch took over the cover art duties. He his cover run ended in June 1938, and the magazine sputtered on for a few more issues until it disappeared from the newsstands, along with virtually the rest of the lineup of smoosh mags. 

All this transpired at the very time when Harry Donenfeld, the publisher of Gay Parisienne and other magazines Bolles worked for, was transitioning into the comic books. His National Allied Comics published the debut issue of of Superman in April 1938. This also coincided with Enoch's hospitalization, which snapped his 16 year streak for Film Fun.  But Bolles would be back a year later with new covers until the magzine was pressured into folding in 1942 by the Postmaster General of the United States, operating at the behest of the Catholic Church. But this is another chapter in the story of Bolles' life and career.