Thursday, September 26, 2019

A Double Vision!

Every now and then I run into images that seem just a bit too close to a Bolles to be pure happenstance.  A few years back I posted a cover from Esquire, that bore a striking resemblance to a classic Bolles cover. And when my friend and fellow Bolles fan, Alan let the editors of said magazine know about it, they were intrigued enough to publish his letter and the images their for readers to consider.  Here we see another case where the magazine cover, published in 1993 shares a lot of DNA with the painting Bolles did for a 1937 issue of Breezy Stories. Now I'm not suggesting the art director swiped the idea from Bolles but you can't ignore the obvious similarities. It also doesn't hurt to consider that Hugh Hefner, although obviously partial to Alberto Vargas, was a fan of Bolles' work as well.  The other coincidence is that the title of the feature story on the Breezy cover has the word Playboy on it!  Talk about seeing double!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

September 12 is National Police Women's Day!

For this celebration we have a very special Bolles from a 1934 Film Fun.  It's not only one of Bolles' most traveled images, it was the inspiration for a costume trope.  
Here's a photo of Brittney Spears in concert wearing her take on Bolles and if you go on-line you can find all sorts of girl-biker-cop costumes. I have yet to find an earlier version of this so until something else turns up the credit to Enoch. I posted a version of the cover by itself and slightly enhanced the saturation of the image to show what I think the original painting looks like.  And I say looks because I have hope that the original painting is still around.  Several other paintings from 1934 Film Fun magazines have been saved, including the month before and after this cover. So if you know where our biker girl currently is, don't hesitate to turn her in.  The authorities will thank you!