Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Yesterday was International Bow Day!

As you can see, our Bolles girl is none too happy.  After she learned about International Bow Day she spent hours and hours sewing this costume for the occasion, only to have me get her to the event a day late. She's already working something extra special for an upcoming celebration and you can bet I will make doubly sure she's there on time. 

This Bolles girl from 1936 thought it was International Ribbon day, but she was able to make a quick fix to suite the occasion. For her sake, let's just hope she doesn't show up in this costume on National Ribbon Cutting day!

Friday, August 9, 2019

Bolles sighting!

Sorry for the gap since my last post. I'm back in the Bolles archive and will endeavor to get some long languishing projects online soon.  During part of my absence I was away for work in Japan when my spidey-sense for all things Bolles started tingling. It wasn't long before I spotted the source. It was a store devoted entirely to Zippo lighters. Many of you already know the story behind Bolles' connection with Zippo lighters.  Briefly, he created the famous Windy Girl that was featured in the first ad published for Zippo, which you can see in the photo above.  Unfortunately, they gave short shrift to Bolles. Soon his name was yanked from the ad and when they created a re-issue of her in 1993, Windy was attributed to Alberto Vargas (in the re-issue she was called the Varga Windy, which is an insult to dearly departed Alberto).  Zippo has since created a number of variations on Windy but I had no
clue just how many until I checked out the display inside the store.  I just hope that someday they make one that actually gives Bolles his rightful due.  Maybe we should start a write-in campaign.