Friday, December 12, 2008

Breezy Bikini, by Bolles

One of my earliest Bolles acquisitions but for a time I wasn't sure he even did it. I have no doubt at all now but I can understand my initial reticence. She looks more ethnic than other Bolles girls (but the real giveaway is the classic Bolles hand pose, index and pinky apart, ring and middle finger touching). The outfit is something else entirely and I should have included her with the Bolles bikini post. Imagine the reaction if she showed up at the beach with this two piece today, and then backtrack 60 years. I have no idea what sort of fabric it is supposed to be but it sort of reminds me of those yarn bikinis you see now and then (in fashion magazines, not the pool). Bolles once did fashion ads for a swim suit manufacturer and his daughter told me they got free samples, but the suits were wool and as soon as they got wet they sucked up water and hung like sacks.
By the way, this is a 1940's issue that reprinted a cover from the mid-1930s. Bolles most certainly didn't get an extra dime out of it.
P.S., Let me know if the bigger size image formatting works for you. I'm still trying to figure this out.


Unknown said...

Totally works. nice post, sir.

Jack R said...

Glad to hear that, Brandon. Pretty cool cover, isn't it!

idle. said...

Please post more covers in this size, if not even bigger. Thanks much.

PS.: I could also imagine the bikini being made of a synthetic fabric which would make it easier to create the effect of it being made from blossoms. Sort of like plastic flowers but a more skin friendly material. ^_^

Jack R said...

Hi idle,
I'm going to have to check around to see if I can find a photo of a bikini with a similar flower theme. I'll also post the images as large as practically possible.