Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another Side by Side

Don't get me wrong. This is not to imply that Bolles swiped or merely was inspired by this photo of Dorothy Sebastian, or vice versa. Truth be told, this arms-behind-head pose had become part of the pretty girl vernacular long before these images saw print. Close their eyes and they would be standard sleepy girl poses (yet another upcoming post...maybe I should post an episode guide for the '2009 season'). Who knows where the pose first began, but it makes me wonder if there's a visual equivalent of etymology; the study of the roots and evolution of words (iconology? photology? Help me out here).

No, the main reason I wanted to post this is to alert your attention to the fabulous site, "It'll take the snap out of your garters." (linked in my "blogs you'll like" section) where I swiped this photo from. Amy Jeanne, who runs the site, posts virtual stacks of photos of famous stars and long faded luminaries of the silent screen and talkies. The only downside is that you'll get a visual workout. Amy Jeanne expects you to be able to sight read both major stars as well as lessor co-stars of the era, and so a lot of the subjects aren't identified. So check it out!
I had to add one more related image, this of Barbara La Marr that I swiped from: Starlet Showcase at: http://starletshowcase.blogspot.com/

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