Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Final Page

As you likely know, the famous pinup queen Bettie Page, recently passed away. I tried to find a photo of her in an introspective pose but it was impossible, she was invariably beaming that incandescent smile (did anyone ever notice she had beautiful teeth?). As much as I hunt for connections I never really found much in Bettie that linked them, besides a few Bolles' girls who had short bangs. But I have learned that a lot of serious Bettie fans are Bolles fans too. Greg Theakston of the Betty Pages has painted her into classic Film Fun covers poses. Joe Anderko, who's written books on Bettie is a Bolles collector and has let me photograph a superb original advertising painting I plan on including in my book. And the reigning Playboy pinup artist, Olivia De Beradinis (whom I'm hoping to interview in a future post) who not only did paintings of Bettie but met her too, is a big Bolles fan. Last, is Bolles' final magazine cover, which I think has a bit of a Bettie vibe. Titter magazine was among the earliest to carry photos of Bettie within its pages. I'll leave you with that image.


Unknown said...

here's another great blog where you can find some nice "vintage scans".

Unknown said...

Sleep well Bettie, I don't know if she ever realized how many of us she touched in so many ways.