Monday, November 3, 2008

A Very Early Enoch Bolles

I thought it was time to share something that has never seen the light of day. A few years back I got in contact with a person living in London who had this piece from 1910 and another dated, 1915. He knew I was the Bolles-guy so he graciously let me buy the pieces one charcoal stroke at a time, so to speak. I've seen a few earlier works by Bolles but this one knocked my socks off. The problem is that I have no idea of the context, who she was or how it got across the pond to England. But that's been the story more often than not.

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Stan Shaw said...

Keen blog! It's always nice to see the "other" work by illustrators who are known for one style. It rounds out our view of them as artists, workers and people. No one springs to life full form (except maybe Gil Kane) and it's nice to see where it all springs from.