Monday, November 10, 2008

Marian Nixon, Enoch Bolles original painting for Film Fun

Ok, one more original, this a scan provided a few years back by Heritage auction. Starting in 1929 and for a couple more years Bolles did occasional movie star covers for Film Fun, and this one of Marian Nixon done in 1930 is one of his better likenesses. Certainly they were done from stock photos provided to the magazine but Enoch's daughter once told me that Lupe Velez actually posed for her cover, which makes sense to me because it is a total knockout. This cover too has something extra and it's not just the fabulous composition and court jester costume. Take a look at the details in the painting. It's Bolles at his best, there are carefully rendered color fields but his approach to the wrinkles and highlights was utterly relaxed. You can see the speed and precision in the brushwork (it takes total confidence to paint like that). A couple of years later Bolles' style evolved to a more mannered application and the brushwork disappeared.

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