Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nice pumpkin!

Just in time for Halloween. Is that a happy pumpkin or what! This cover for a 1945 issue of Breezy originally appeared sometime in the 1930's, but I'm embarrassed to admit I don't know the year. I have images of nearly 500 of Bolles' magazine covers but my records for Breezy Stories are the spottiest of all of the magazines he did work for. And Breezy Stories was one of the highest paying and most widely circulated among the many pulp titles Bolles was associated with. In fact for a time he even signed his covers for Breezy, something he did regularly only for Film Fun and for a few issues of Gay Book. My theory is that Breezy was a read and toss magazine whereas some of the other pulps Bolles did work for such as Tattle Tales, were more apt to bear repeated gazing, if not reading.

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