Sunday, October 5, 2008

Film Fun cover, March 1937

Welcome to the new home of my Enoch Bolles appreciation web-site. As some of you know, my last site disappeared down an internet sinkhole with over 200 rare and previously unseen images of Bolles, his art and rare originals. In coming posts I'll be putting up some of these images along with some new material I've never posted.

So why not start this blog with one of my favorite Bolles Film Fun covers. For many Bolles fans 1937 was the penultimate year for the Bolles high-style, but as you'll see from future posts, this was simply one phase in a career that saw his work constantly evolving over three decades that bridged from the end of the Edwardian era to the beginnings of the classic WW-II pinup.

In a later post I'll upload the original painting of this cover and you'll be able to see exactly what was lost by the engravers. In some cases they left off his signature and with other paintings they blurred or reworked details in order to appease the censors and avoid the wrath of the morals groups that prowled the magazine stands in the 1930s.


Will o'the Glen said...

She's got the arrow on the wrong side of the bow - it should be over the knuckle of the index finger, not over the thumb.

It's a common mistake - I've seen it over and over in illustrations and paintings.

Jack R said...

How interesting is this. Bolles was obviously no archer.

Kante Luis said...