Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Bolles Valentine's Day

We can't let Valentine's day pass without a cover by our man Bolles. It was a favorite celebration for him, and he created at least a half dozen other versions of heart themed covers over the years, many of which have been well thumbed over on the internet.  So today I've selected a early, neglected and a bit hard to find (well, at least for the next 15 minutes) cover.  It hit the newsstands in 1924, and although Enoch hadn't even been a year at Film Fun in many ways the year remains a high water mark for him. He reworked this particular pose several more times for magazine covers and advertisements and it's one of his earliest examples of what I've labeled as the L-pose.  Subsequent versions, however, omitted the helpless little men, a common motif for several magazine artists beginning about a decade earlier which seemed to epitomize the angst many felt about the rising power of the "new woman."  Aside from his now regular assignment at Film Fun, the year 1924 was a particularly busy for Bolles. He was also producing a couple of covers a month for Snappy Stories and painting dozens of trolley cards.  And there was the occasional film poster illustration for Fox Pictures, an association which began in 1924 and continued off and on until 1931 or so.  Enjoy!!


gary underwood said...

One of Enoch's best covers, and with a touch of dark humor.

Jack R said...

Dark chocolate humor, perhaps :)