Friday, February 17, 2012

Bolles inside Esquire

Our saga of the Bolles girl channeled on the cover of Esquire continues, courtesy of mega Bolles-fan, Alan Wrobel who wrote the magazine to alert them of the Bolles connection covered here a few posts back.  While the editors may have been less than open minded about the potential legacy of Bolles' work, they were intrigued enough to write about it in a sidebar in the February issue.  Given the pinup legacy of Esquire; from Petty to Vargas and then Al Moore, Ben-Hur Baz, Ernest Chiriaka and others there is a certain irony that after all these years the work of Enoch Bolles has finally appeared within its pages.  For the record Bolles showed up in Playboy back in 1990 as part of an article on Francis Smith's book, Stolen Sweets.  Before that, Vargas used a couple of Bolles covers as inspiration for a couple of his pinups for Playboy.

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