Monday, November 2, 2009

Intimate Apparel Market Week: A celebration made for Enoch Bolles

Yet again, we invoke yet another arcane holiday as a pretense for celebrating the art of Enoch Bolles. And even the most casual fan of his knows that intimate apparel and Enoch Bolles go hand in silk glove. In fact much of Bolles early work as a fashion illustrator included ads for ladies unmentionables, and he used this experience to good effect throughout his career as a cover artist.
To start things off off we turn to one of most well known of all Bolles covers, from the November 1936 issue of Film Fun. I've stripped out the text so we can focus our attention fully on Polly. The bird is pretty cute too.


Artman2112 said...

yup, one of the mighty Bolle's best, no doubt! beyond the obvious things to love about this image, his design and composition are impeccable as well.

Jack R said...

You wonder what inspired him to these extra efforts. It's not like he was paid a bonus. And if only the original was still around...