Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bidding Adieu to Intimate Apparel

We end our week of appreciation for intimate apparel as interpreted by Enoch Bolles with this lovely painting from Snappy Stories. I believe the year is 1926 but am not certain. In this case I actually do have a physical copy of this in my collection, but only the cover. For reasons evident to Bolles fans, a lot of Snappy subscribers would carefully clip the covers and then toss the contents, presumably after at least giving them the once over. The covers however, got the over and over but yet when I find them they are nearly always still in pristine condition.
The covers Bolles did for Snappy Stories were a departure as they had more involved compositions and narrative themes absent in most all his other magazine work. Typically the painting would depict a key event from one of the featured stories within the pages of the magazine, or perhaps it was the other way around. It was often the case that pulp writers were shown the cover selected by the art editor and instructed to craft a story after it. It gives a whole new meaning to the "tale" wagging the dog.


Alan Wrobel said...

Hi Jack, another great post! I enjoyed it very much. Also, it seems I've discovered another original Bolles painting. If you go to ebay item #310177091749 (Driben print) look at picture #4 you see the girl bending over backwards sipping from a glass of champagne (fantastic pose!). I have a copy of Gay Parisienne from December of either 1936, 1937 or 1938 (page 1 with the date is missing) with that image on the cover, the only one I'd seen. I've been communicating with that person about it, and it seems its the real deal!

Jack R said...

For goodness sakes, Alan. What a spot! That is the cover painting for the December 1936 Gay Parisienne cover and from my recollection, it's the only original I'm aware of from that title that is still around. So is the dealer interested in selling? If not, do you think I could get him to get it photographed? It's interesting that the size is a bit smaller than the Film Fun covers. PLEASE keep me updated.