Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lost and Found!

So the very day I get the devastating news that the Whoopee Girl painting was not really who we thought she was, I received an email that included this photo. Here we have yet another original Bolles painting which was done for the a cover of the October, 1925 issue of Film Fun. What a thrill to see a Bolles that was long thought lost and one of his earliest surviving magazine covers. This painting is being sold at auction on March 21 by Hap Moore and no I am not getting a cut nor do I have any commercial association with this auction house. For me finding a "new" original is the ultimate Bolles discovery and I simply wanted to share this with bloggers who may feel the same way, and who may have the urge to get their own original . There's a bigger scan of the painting at the auction site. Do a search using "Bolles" and you'll find it.
Finally if you take a look at the image as it appears on the cover (scan courtesy of Mark Forer), you'll notice the engraver left off the ties and that the image was cropped right at the bottom of the piling. No water can be seen.


Anonymous said...

Pow! You can feel the breeze in this painting, can't you? Say jack, if you haven't already check out Angelique Houtkamp's work. Great stuff. She's taken much inspiration from EB

Jack R said...

Her work is really interesting, and I spotted an image that was definitely inspired by a Bolles cover. Thanks for sharing this.