Friday, March 27, 2009

A Dot at the End of a Rainbow

Just yesterday I was droning on about how it was hard to tell if a post would interest people or not, and that very entry generated record traffic for this site, even though the art may not even have been by Bolles! Go figure. So before taking a few days off from posting I decided to make one last post to try and keep the ball rolling. Here's a really nice cover from 1928, a year when Bolles was doing double duty while Film Fun was being published twice a month. The depression soon put an end to that and Bolles began to branch out. Soon he starting doing covers for Spicy Stories and Pep. How Bolles began his assocation with the curious characters who published these mags I've long pondered.


Anonymous said...

Cute! I love the snappy captions on Bolles's Film Fun covers.

Alan Wrobel said...

I haven't seen this cover before. Its so pretty! By the way Jack, do you have scans of your Bolles works somewhere for viewing (and enjoying!)?

Jack R said...

Dave, I have often wondered if Bolles himself may have contributed a few. He had a great sense of humor.

It really is a nice cover. I love the way he used gray contrast to really bring out the color of the hose. I post most of these images on my flickr site under bollesbiggestfan