Wednesday, April 15, 2020

April 15 is also World Art Day, as Enoch Bolles reminds us

We're back again with one of Enoch's sly visual jokes.  This was done in 1938 for Gay Parisienne. The next issue would feature his final cover for this magazine, and one of the last covers he completed before taking a year long break.  As many of you know, Enoch was hospitalized for psychological reasons brought about in part from the stress of overwork. He completed new covers for Film Fun beginning in December of 1939 but during his absence the pulp world had changed; Gay Parisenne had folded, as had Spicy Stories and the rest of the so-called smoosh mags.  There was only Film Fun and it would be brought down two years later by the Post Master General working under the dictates of the Catholic Decency league.  While Bolles' professional career ended with Film Fun, he continued painting for the rest of his years. 

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