Thursday, September 12, 2019

September 12 is National Police Women's Day!

For this celebration we have a very special Bolles from a 1934 Film Fun.  It's not only one of Bolles' most traveled images, it was the inspiration for a costume trope.  
Here's a photo of Brittney Spears in concert wearing her take on Bolles and if you go on-line you can find all sorts of girl-biker-cop costumes. I have yet to find an earlier version of this so until something else turns up the credit to Enoch. I posted a version of the cover by itself and slightly enhanced the saturation of the image to show what I think the original painting looks like.  And I say looks because I have hope that the original painting is still around.  Several other paintings from 1934 Film Fun magazines have been saved, including the month before and after this cover. So if you know where our biker girl currently is, don't hesitate to turn her in.  The authorities will thank you!


Que Suave said...

I have a question for you. First, I love your blog. Excellent stuff! Second, as you seem to know what's a Bolles painting and what is not, I am wondering whether you know whether the following painting is by Bolles?:

Pep Stories, June 1930

Bolles Fan 1 said...

Definitely a Bolles. Check out her carefully done hands with the interesting poses. Plus he was pretty much doing all the Pep issues at this time. After seeing over 550 magazine covers and lots of other examples of his work I think I've got some part of my brain that's devoted to detecting his work. Thanks for your comments on the blog. Glad you enjoy it. There'll be a book one of these days so stay tuned..