Tuesday, March 5, 2019

March 5 is World Tennis Day!

Today I am serving up an overhead slam of a cover by our man Enoch.This 1935 cover for Spicy Stories was the first of only two tennis themed covers by Bolles.  It's a bit unusual because his Spicy Stories were generally not at all inclined toward sports. In fact by the mid-30's Enoch had pretty much departed from the sports themes so common in his earlier work. 

To our right is an original done for Breezy Stories that according to the amazing Galactic Central, magazine repository, appeared in 1941.I have to believe, however, she must have been on an earlier cover of the magazine. For one, after 1938 Bolles was only producing new works for Film Fun. And there's another clue. Around 1937-38 Enoch had begun leaving the unworked parts of the canvas raw and outlining the figure in a band of white, most likely to save on both time and money. Take a look at her shoes, you have to wonder if she skipped the match and went right to the lemonade stand!  

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