Monday, November 27, 2017

Today is Cider Monday!

Do you think our Bolles girl is reacting to the effects of cider, or perhaps something there's something a a wee bit stronger in that bottle. Sorry the image isn't sharper but sadly this issue is not in my collection. Too bad too because it has a lot going on.  Aside from the hint that she might be partaking in something illegal (don't forget, this was during prohibition) there's also something unusual about her outfit.  It was Enoch's daughter Teresa, who long ago pointed out to me that those cuffed shorts were denim, and back then women generally didn't wear jeans. With heels and rolled stockings no less!  It's yet another fetching example of just how fashion forward Enoch was.  And if you were wondering about those suspenders, Levi's jeans had suspender buttons until 1937.

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