Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23: National Puppy Day!

No, don't get the wrong idea!  Bolles loved animals.  Although if frequency of appearance means anything he was nearly as fond of using turtles for props as puppies.  All this got me to thinking and so I took an informal survey of animal appearances on his covers.  Keep in mind that there are over 560.

What animal do you think won this Enoch's personal popularity contest?


Bird: 5
Puppy/dog: 4
Horse: 2
Fish: 2
Snake: 2
Polar Bear: 2 (one deceased)
Turtle: 2
Monkey: 2
Insect: 2
Lion: 1
Elephant: 1
Stingray: 1
Crocodile: 1
Shark: 1 (technically not a fish)
Squirrel: 1 (non pinup)
Rabbit: 1

That our fine feathered friends came in first should be no surprise. Bolles was a life-long bird watcher. Many of Bolles' letters are filled with his careful observations of bird behavior and migration. Continuing with this theme the next cover art survey will deal with a more serious matter, namely how much cigarette smoking went on, so stay tuned.  And also coming soon, a post about a real Bolles girl, a famous Hollywood starlet of the 1930s Bolles used for inspiration and who is still going strong at 102. 

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