Friday, January 11, 2013

Enoch Bolles would like to alert you that January 11 is Cigarettes are Hazardous to your Health Day

Has any other pinup artist embraced the cigarette as much as Bolles?  He used it as a prop in his second magazine cover, published by Judge way back in 1914, over than a decade before any cigarette company dared show a woman smoking in a magazine ad.  Bolles himself didn't smoke but he did advertising art for cigar and cigarette companies and was so particular about how his girls wielded their smokes that he once had is son-in-law sit for him so he could get it just right for a Film Fun cover.  George Petty made a lot more money than Bolles putting his girls in cigarette ads but you'll never find a single one of them taking a puff, Petty didn't think it was lady-like.  What a hypocrite! 

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