Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Christmas in July

Unfortunately I'll be away from the blog the next few weeks but I'll be returning baring gifts, and they won't be dad's ties recycled from last year either.  There will be a fabulous full color advertising illustration circa 1923, a long-lost Bolles Film Fun painting finally surfaces and I'll be there to report on it first hand. Last but not least will be a never before seen original Bolles.  Yes, it will be Christmas in July and I can't wait to unwrap the presents.


Tom Ruegger said...

Looking forward to the gifts!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this Enoch Bolles poster before? Someone's selling a 1933 poster by Bolles on ebay.


Alan Wrobel said...


That art was used on the July, 1934 FILM FUN front cover. is a good place to see the covers

gary underwood said...

It looks like the holiday season may be here a little earlier than usual. We anxiously await your return, Jack