Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11 is Johnny Appleseed Day!

I was waiting patiently for some excuse, oddball holiday or otherwise, to post this cover. It's a reprint that appeared in a 1946 issue of Breezy Stories but was likely  first published in 1937 or '38.  Out of the the 20 plus magazine titles Bolles did work for my records for Breezy are the spottiest.  Why I have no idea. 

So check out that impressive basket of apples, which isn't going anywhere. Bolles had a reason to be partial to oranges for reasons I'll explain later but favorite fruit or not, this still is a terrific cover.  Yet, for reasons unknown Bolles decided to rework the painting. As you can see, the result wasn't exactly a failure, and I think she was purposefully modeled after an extra sultry Rita Hayworth, but the charm of the orginal was lost in the process.

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