Friday, January 29, 2010

The Weirdest Bolles Swipe. Ever!

I wasn't looking for her, I swear. She found me. Earlier today I got a friend request on facebook, and for a few seconds I was clueless as to why a 20 something residing in Denmark and sporting the figure on the left on her skin would try and friend me. At first I thought she might be a Bolles fan but after a couple clicks it was clear she wasn't. The request was simply an attempt to add to her her friend count, or whatever the term is for that metric. But when I spotted the thumbnail of her tattoo my Bolles bell rang out and it was no problem to ID the exact source. Take a look at the original, from a 1942 issue of Film Fun. The drawing of her figure is pretty much a flat out trace, but say what you may, as far as swipes go this one is at least interesting.


Peteski said...

Saw this recently: here and here

Jack R said...

Ah, so she's not only the canvas but also the designer! Thanks for sharing.