Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Wear Red Day Today....Really!

It's surprising how these silly theme days have helped me come up with posts that have some bite to them. Consider today's celebration. Exactly when and where "wear red" day was concocted I haven't the faintest, but clearly there was a time in the mid-1920s when Bolles was pushing wear red just about every darn month. These covers all appeared in 1924 or '25 and obviously the girls are wearing the same one piece suit and rolled stockings (which were considered very edgy back then). Why stockings and heels would be considered appropriate fashion accessories with a swim suit (mind you these were wool swim suits) is something I cannot answer. But it wasn't until I started pondering how to work Bolles into today's theme that I became aware of just how often Bolles relied on red (which became a lot less common on covers over the years, and Bolles himself once said that engravers preferred any color on the cover "as long as it was red"). If I had included variations in fuchsia and chartreuse I could have doubled the number of images in this post. Obviously there will be some homework required in order to answer why this uniform was so popular. Yes, it makes for an appealing picture but do any readers have other explanations?

I neglected to mention that several of the scans in this post were provided by my Bolles pal, Mark Forer via Thanks, Mark!!

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