Monday, January 26, 2009

"Hello...HELLO!?" Today is Better Business Communication Day

No I'm not making this up. It really is better business communication day and our man Enoch is transmitting at several frequencies in this wacky cover from 1938. He completed a surprising number of covers where the girl is tied up in one way or another, be it rope, telephone cord, butterfly netting or barb wire. And there is the rather propitious placement of the red button on her robe. Other versions involved flowers or other patterns easily mistaken by the casual passerby for something a bit naughtier than a button. And if that was the case Bolles had achieved his end; drawing you in for a double take. Did you really see what you thought you did, or perhaps it was just your overactive imagination popping through to your consciousness in an buttoned down era. Why not spend your last two bits and take the magazine home where you could examine it more thoroughly at your leisure (in private, of course).

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