Saturday, January 31, 2009

"A Woman's Dress Should be Like a Barbed-Wire Fence..."

"...serving its purpose without obstructing the view." The quote comes from Sophia Loren. For some reason I thought it fit with this cover, though in this case it seems that the barbed-wire fence is serving the greater purpose.
Truly, this is one weird image. First, how about that crazy dress she's wearing. Could the fabric be rubber? Latex? (did they even have it back in 1937?) And what's with that little Bo Peep hat. I don't want to lay blame with Bolles, but was this cover the origin for those awful adult Bo Peep Halloween costumes? I do think his Film Fun motorcycle cop cover launched the biker girl icon, but I'm a bit more sheepish when it comes to Miss Bo Peep. And then we have what must be considered the most extreme setup for what in the pinup lexicon is typically referred to as an upskirt pose, not withstanding the mental effort put into the subject by Art Frahm (has anyone ever done a lecher's eye view of his failed panties paintings? Not that I mean to imply it's a good idea). Bolles did some great upskirts by the way, and in most of them the girl could care less that she was showing a bit too much leg. In fact I own the original to the one I think is the best of them all and speaking of originals, here's a scan of the painting of today's theme cover. Unfortunately it appears to be a bit damaged, but what also seems evident is that the engraver removed some detail from what you might call the focal point of the painting. This occurred in other cover illustrations where Bolles provided a bit too much in the way of anatomical detail. As just one example, not once was there there an exposed navel on any Film Fun cover. And for years even the interior photos were airbrushed of any evidence of mammalian birth (I cannot provide any insights as to why the sight of a navel would have aroused such subtractive wrath in the censor).
To close on a high note. We may debate whether this was among the better Film Fun covers but there's no argument over the special treatment Bolles lavished on her hands.

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