Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Looking back at the short life of this blog, there is much to celebrate. In the early days, no matter how deep you Googled Enoch Bolles, The Blog On Enoch was nowhere to be seen, but now it shows up on the first page of Google. TBOE has gained a fascinating group of followers with great blogs and web-pages of their own you ought to check out, and I've heard from others who have become fans of Enoch Bolles. I'm also grateful to Leif Peng for giving space in his fabulous blog, Today's Inspiration for me to introduce the Bolles blog, and for Shane Gline and others who have reviewed or linked TBOE. And finally, a special big-up to my main man, Brandon "the dawl" Dawley, who has given this blog such a fabulous look. Brandon's work was recently featured on Drawn! Do stay tuned as I've got a lot of great things in store for 2009, including scans of newly 'discovered' paintings and a feature on the women who modeled for Bolles.

Happy New Year!


BLDawley said...

Happy New Year, Jack.

Jack R said...

You too, Brandon!!

Michael Dooney said...

Happy new year ! I love seeing some of the non-Film Fun stuff he did. Also, thanks for the big images in the recent posts, love that!

Jack R said...

Hi Michael,
I'll have lots of unusual Bolles material to share soon, including some movie ads, which I knew nothing about until about a year ago.

Mariana said...

Happy New Year, Jack! :)

Jack R said...

Hi Mariana,
Happy new year to you too. I like your new hair style.

Anonymous said...

Well happy New Year to all of you great people! What a treat finding a blog just for Enoch Bolles!! He is in my top ten of all-time best pin-up artists with Driben, Elvgren, Ballantyne, Armstrong, Devorss, Munson, Vargas, Moran and Mozert. (I know, I know..there's lots more!) I believe in this world of computer generated art and comic-book pencil stylings the masters of 'the mayonnaise school' need to be promoted. A new generation of fine oil and pastel artists is needed to keep the truth and beauty of the beloved cheesecakes at the front of our culture. I'll keep you all posted on tahe projects I'm working on.

avwrobel said...

That's me on the previous post.

Jack R said...

Hi Avwrobel,
I'm glad you found the Bolles Blog.