Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Bolles did just a couple Valentine themed covers and this one from 1926 was his first. It's also a bit of an oddball because her head to body ratio presaged what I call his lollypop period.  Contrast her with another 1926 cover where Enoch reverted to a more normally proportioned figure.  There would be other occasional lollipop girls popping up now and then but from 1930-31 the majority of his covers featured petite girls with large heads, a combination that has always struck me as unnervingly pubescent. Perhaps however, Bolles was simply taking a crack at his own version of the John Held Jr. girl.  Either way, the experiment ended in 1932 when a very differently
proportioned Bolles girl took the stage.    
Go figure.


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