Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22: National Handkerchief Day

No, it's not. For once I'm kidding about it being a special holiday.  But there is a small thread of connection between this image and the previous one I posted so I figured why not. She's the only reason I could imagine celebrating the handkerchief. I can't image many people under the age of 30 (40?) even know what a hankerchief is, much less ever used one.  Sorry about the image quality. I don't have a copy of this issue, but do have a photo of the actual painting, which alas will have to await the book.  And on that topic, my agent just told me a couple of publishers are interested so perhaps it won't be that long before you can see our knotty girl in the original.  

Last, I noticed that this blog just reached a sort of milestone, 250 followers!  In gratitude for all your support and interest, I'll be sharing some extra special Bolles work in the next few weeks.   


Amanda said...

Love the cover!

Congrats on reaching your blog milestone.

Anonymous said...

I love your site so much. Just wanted you to know that the word is handkerchief. Better to be told by a fan than a troll. Keep up the good work.

Jack R said...

Oops :(
I can't believe I butchered the spelling. Maybe I should have simply called it tissue day. Thanks for the gentle correction and kind comment.

Li-An said...

Very nice picture... but too small :-(

darwination said...

Nice cover, Jack. It reminds of a Peter Driben painting used on a Heritage Auctions postcard advertisement I've got pinned to the corkboard near my desk. From Whisper, January 1951, they called it Pin-up with Bandana:

She's got a little bit more material to work with. Selling price: 18 grand.