Monday, July 27, 2009

Walk on Stilts Day?!

Yes, it is. Really! Once again, we have a perfectly topical example by Bolles on hand to help us in acknowledging this most inexplicable of celebrations. And what a great example she is. I love the bows and how the tails drape behind her. She's having no trouble at all negotiating the stilts even with those pumps. Our Bolles girl is certainly no klutz.


Alan Wrobel said...

I love how they're always in high heels, even on roller skates!

Jack R said...

So true. Bolles never let an opportunity to upgrade shoes pass.

321z said...


I have been really enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing your Enoch Bolles passion with us.
I am looking to buy my first Enoch Bolles painting and wondered if you know any one that may have an original for sale? Please pass my email on to them
Appreciate any help you can give me.

Scott Whiting

Jack R said...

Hi Scott,
Glad that you found the site and hope you continue to enjoy it. The place to check for Bolles paintings these days is Heritage auctions (also check out Illustration House, they have several Bolles paintings). Heritage just sold four Bolles recently and will have more in upcoming auctions of the Martignette collection. You can take a look at all the Bolles paintings they've sold at auction (everything is archived) and if you become a member you can download huge files for a microscopic view (Bolles holds up very well to close attention). They also have a video from the recent Martignette auction where they show a couple Bolles pieces and refer to him as a lesser known pinup artist. Bah!

S. Whiting said...

Thanks for the ideas.


Jack R said...

You bet, Scott. If other Bolles painting show up(I featured one a couple months back that was sold at a small auction) I'll post information on them. Another bet is Grapefruit Moon Galleries, though their prices are high. I think they've got a couple Bolles on hand.