Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30: International Dance Day

Snappy Stories seems well suited for today's celebration.  The author of the cover feature, who's real name was Alvina Croter (her husband changed his last name to Delmar!), cut her teeth in the pages of Snappy Stories. A couple years later she made it big and sold her novel, Bad Girl, to Fox Pictures (which later would become 20th Century Fox) and our man Bolles was there again to bring the star to life in a fantastic image.I've read they even used the image in Billboards!

Snappy Stories focused on romantic themes and so it isn't a surprise that Bolles painted a number of other dancing themed covers for the magazine. What's curious to me is that very few featured couples.  But then again, whenever Bolles included men in his covers they were always secondary, often subservient and sometimes just superfluous to the woman. After all, she's not just any pinup, she's a Bolles girl!


And finally, I need to include the hoofer stepping out to the Charleston on the cover of Gay Book. The dance may have been a bit dated in 1934 when this appeared on the newsstands, but she's managed to make it all the rage once again.


Sim said...

Hello Jack,
I'm going to post again a collage with a Bolle's Girl. I know you're not fan of that kind of 'appropriation', but I wanted to tell you that it's a way of mine to honor and make a tribute to this huge artist, whose I share with you a real admiration.
(sorry for my approximate English :)

Jack R said...

Hi Sim, Please send me a link to your Bolles tribute. I'd love to see it. And I have pretty much gotten over my issues with 'appropriation'. Not much that can be done about that.